VoIP Phone Systems


Manhattan Phone Systems VoIP business phones include:

  • Hardware, support, and service
  • Unlimited calls – local and long-distance
  • Unique features that aren’t available with traditional systems
  • Manhattan-based installation, maintenance, and support
  • Migration of your old system to Voice-over-IP

With Voice-over-IP, your monthly rate stays constant; no matter how many calls you make or where you call. If you routinely make long-distance calls, our system could save you thousands of dollars. In addition, with our Internet-based business phone systems, you don’t have to make a large capital investment in equipment that will soon be out-of-date.

With VoIP, you can access your phone system anyplace there’s an Internet connection. It’s a smart option for cost-conscious businesses — especially businesses that also have a mobile workforce. VoIP can be used over wireless connections anywhere, so your employees can stay productive while they’re at home in Manhattan or traveling. Plus, voice-over-IP services can adapt as your business needs change, giving you the capability to scale up or down anytime.

Contact Manhattan Phone Systems today to see how much your company can save using VoIP.


Auto Attendant

The Auto Attendant is a powerful automated VoIP business service that replaces the need for a receptionist and can direct your customers to the department that can best assist them.

Extension Dialing

Now you can call anyone in your organization by just dialing their extension number even if they work in a different location.

Music on Hold

All our VoIP systems include pre-recorded music, or custom recorded marketing messages for you callers to listen to while they are on hold to give your business a professional edge.

Get Voicemails Delivered

Voicemails can get pushed to absolutely any device, anywhere, all by email.

Send & Receive Faxes

With our fax-to-email service, you will never miss a fax, and you can send one with the click of a button, without leaving your desk.

3-Way Calling

With VoIP calling it’s easy to add a third person to a 2-way call to instantly create a conference call.

Number Porting

Don’t worry about losing your numbers you can bring your phone numbers with you when you switch to VoIP.