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Looking for a Business Phone System in the NYC area?

Well you've come to the right place! For years the expert team at Manhattan Phone Systems has been helping business' of all sizes take control of their telecommunications systems.

We’re not just a phone systems installer, we are a telecommunications partner. Let our experts help guide you on a phone system thats right for your business by understanding your goals and the way you work, because after all, there’s no such thing as a business that has the exact same needs as another business, so why let your phone system think there is?

Phone System installations in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Long Island, NY.  Manhattan Phone Systems is a full service telecommunications company based out of Lower Manhattan and serving the New York Metro area. We pride ourselves on professional installations & service of all types of phone systems, both VoIP and Traditional hard-lined systems. Our knowledgeable phone system staff will assist you in selecting the absolute best system for your business telecommunications needs.

With more than 20 years of experience and servicing hundreds of business in the New York City area, Manhattan Phone Systems is able to create a better work environment, one where a business phone system becomes a tool, not a burden. Our experienced phone system installers will take care of setting up your new system, in a new office or an existing one, we’ve done it all. Plus, as a local company, we offer a level of service with a personal touch that some other companies just can’t.

We here at Manhattan Phone Systems believe that selecting a phone system should be simple for any business, no matter the size. We have worked with small business to Fortune companies, and we take the same 5 step approach with them all, please see our 5 step process as outlined below.

Probably our favorite step, meeting with the potential client for the first time. This is our first interaction where you and one of our telecommunications experts meet and discus your business and needs, we do not utilize a “sales” staff at any point during our 5 step progress, at all times you will be dealing with a fully trained expert in all the styles of telecommunications systems we offer, no sales gimmicks, and no one here works on commission so we are truly always looking out for your best interests.

Research. We take the data from our first introduction and do some research on the type of company you operate to try and predict what features will be most useful as you grow. This information along with the data we collected from our first introduction will allow us to present you a detailed proposal and system blueprint in Step 3.

Now with the information from Steps 1 & 2, we can prepare a blueprint of your companies telecommunication systems and offer you our expert opinion on whats best for your company. Since we specialize in installing over 40 brands and styles of phone systems you can rest assured we have selected the best one for your company.

Installation. Our professional crew of installers will be in and out of your hair with you’r new phone system up and running in no time at all, they will even do all the wiring for you if you require. The main goal is total satisfaction, and our team does’t cut any corners.

Our Partnership. After install we are not just going to abandon you, we include 6 Months of our Total Support plan with every install, access to our 24/7 support team absolutely free with every install. We like to build a long term relationship with all of our clients. If you’re interested in receiving a no cost, no obligation quote for a phone system for your business, please call us today to speak with a phone system expert:¬†646.601.6067